Man Builds 60-foot Tower to Get Highspeed Access
Posted by Zonk on Friday March 03, @06:41PM
from the overcoming-obstacles dept.

Matt Russell writes "A church was blocking the only high speed signal
in town, so he decided he needed to go higher. This is the story of
one man's quest to build a 60-foot reception tower in his yard and
retire his modem once and for all." From the article: "Well, if you
want to have a tower, you need to find one. Buying a new tower is not
a good idea, since there are plenty of used ones. In my case, I was in
need of a tower that was at least 50', which would cost around $1,000
USD for a new one. The way I searched was pretty simple. I spread the
word around town that I was looking for one, and I drove around to see
if there was a house with an old TV tower or something like that. If a
30' tower would be enough for you, go to a small town and look for TV
tower. If you find one that looks to be in good shape, just go knock
on the door and ask if you can buy it. At least 90% of people don't
use them anymore, so it's a good place to start!

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