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Subject:        Underground resistance distro: Velika rasprodaja!!!!
Date:   Sat, 9 Sep 2006 14:18:43 +0200
From:   miki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To:     Zombi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, WALK Records <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Rock 
Express <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, milan dobrosavljevic 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Ivan Maksic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Hornburg 
Hadziabdic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Blagoje <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 
bambus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Avram <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Aco / Pancevo 

pocev od 10.09.2006. pa do 25.09.2006. godine sledece naslove mozete 
poruciti po extra snizenim cenama od svega 700 pa do 400 dinara po 
jednom naslovu, neke naslove nazalost imamo samo u po jednom primerku pa 
stoga ako vas nesto interesuje vi pozurite - ko prvi devojci njemu 
devojka. Menjaza za druge stvari je uvek dobrodosla ali unapred moramo 
da vas upozorimo, ako je jedan CD kod nas na rasprodaji 600 ili 500 
dinara a vi biste da ga trejdujete za neki vas CD koji vi cenite vise 
novca nego sto nas CD kosta onda od trejda nema nista, 1 CD se menja za 
1 CD, ploca za plocu...
_*CD-ovi: (naslovi nisu poredjani po alfabetskom redu)*_
*_- Cene CD-ova se krecu od 700 pa do 400 dinara, posaljite listu sta 
vas interesuje i dobicete cenu tih naslova. _*
- Abgot "Fizala"
- Ad Hominem "For a new world"
- Agmen "Damnation"
- Agmen "Eternal"
- Arkona "Imperium"
- Arkona "Vozrozenie"
- Asgard "Kletba krale stacha"
- Ashes "Funeral Forest"
- Ashes "Hymn to a grey sky"
- Avenger "Live at Open Hell 2003"
- Avenger "Godless"
- Avenger "Fall of devotion - wrath and blasphemy"
- Averse Sefira "Battle's Clarion"
- Averse Sefira "Homecoming march"
- Azaghal "Kyy"
- Bessat "Black Mass"
- Bessat "Hellstorm"
- Biterness "Autumn's fall"
- Black Jade "...of forests and fire" (digi)
- Black Mass "Conquering legions of Astaroth"
- Black Mass/Hellraised "Split"
- Black Winter/Moontower "Split"
- Blodulv "III - Burial"
- Coercion "Lifework"
- Conquest "The frozen sky"
- Cryfemal "Perpetua funebre gloria"
- Demonic Christ "Punishment for ignorance"
- Diabolicum "The dark blood rising"
- Drudkh "Autumn Aurora"
- Drudkh "Blood in our weels"
- Drudkh "Forgotten legends"
- Drastus "Roars from the old serpenth's paradise"
- Empty "A source of hollow essence"
- Graven "Perished and Forgotten"
- Graven "The shadows eternal call"
- Gromm "We are true, we are hate"
- Hell-Born "Legacy of the Nephilim"
- Hellgoat/Legions of Astaroth "Split"
- Hellveto "Stos"
- Holocaust/Odelgger "Split"
- Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse "Dancing demons in the Grey-lit glade"
- Inferno "Stare bezbozne emoce"
- Key of Mythas "Demonspeed metalstorm"
- Khors "The flame of eternity's decline"
- Lathspell "Versus Ecclestia"
- Lucifugum "Sociopath: Philosophy cynicism"
- Lucifugum "Stigma Egoism"
- Lucifugum "Vector 33"
- Lucifugum "Instinct prevelance"
- Legion of Doom "For those of the blood"
- Legion of Doom "God is Dead"
- Legion of Doom "Kingdom of endless darkness"
- Lunar Aurora "Ars Moriendi"
- Lunar Aurora "Zyklus"
- Magnus Noctum "The fall of Shin'ar"
- Melancolia Estatica "S/t"
- Marduk "Panzer Division Marduk"
- Marduk "World Funeral"
- Menhir "Buchonia"
- Menhir "Die ewigen steine"
- Menhir "Thunridgia"
- Nidingr "Sorros infinite and darkness"
- Nokturnal Mortum "Return of the Vampire Lord/Marble moon"
- Nokturnal Mortum "Twilightfall"
- Nokturnal Mortum "Mirovozzorenie"
- Nokturnal Mortum "Lunar Poetry"
- Nokturnal Mortum "The taste of victory"
- Nokturnal Mortum "To the gates of blasphemous fire"
- Nord's Commander "Hermeneurics"
- Nunslaughter "Goat"
- Promenia "I am war"
- Radigost "Nocturne"
- Rossomahaar "Regnum Somni"
- Sargathanas "Knights of the southern cross"
- Satarial "And the flame will take the temples of Christ"
- Satarial "The queen of the elve's land"
- Silva Nigra "Cerni kult"
- Sons of North "Eagle gaze"
- Sons of North "S/t"
- Sons of North "The dead of white race"
- Stormnatt "Resurrecttion ov the Kult"
- Sturmfront "Behind the gate of darkness"
- Tenebrae in Perpetuum "Onori funebri rituali"
- Thronar "For death and glory"
- Tresyre "Tresyre"
- Unholy Land "The fall of the chosen star"
- Cargsang "Throne of the forgotten"
- Venedae "Dekada slowianskiej supramacji"
- Venedae "Sieden kamiennych oblicz"
- Vordr "Vordr I"
- Vordr "Vordr II"
- Zaratustra "Perpetual black force"
- Thorns of God "Under the eyes of evil"
- Horror Blast "Sublime vile anomalies"
- Shivah Vah "Decay of our nation"
- Pigto "Depravada"
- Tsyrulnia "Jolly skins"
- Anachorets "Purification: Amongst the dusty stones"
- Varyag "Memory"
- Grinded Nig "Shriek of the mutilated"
- Ultra Sur "Fallen in combat"
- Day of the fope "Vol.2"
- Vike Tare "The tide of revelation"
- Marblebog "Forestheart"
- Hruofolg "Naturklang"
- Flammentod/Hrimthursen "Split"
- Priestermord "Die erben des bosen"
- Hunnok/Marblebog "Split" (digi)
- Aryan Art "....and despite all, Bulgaria will survive"
- Bloodrain "Ultimatum"
- Svarga "Jav, Vozdymajet"
- Forest "In the glames of glory"
- Nitberg "Nitsalder"
- Geimhre/Shade "Split"
- Veil "Dolor"
- Brainkald "Rausch der Misantrophie"
- Bestial Holocaust "Final extermination"
- Breath of Sorrows "Throught darkness to battle I ride"
- Hills of Sefiroth "Fly high the hated black flag"
- Absonus Noctis "Penumbral Inorgantia"
- Solgrav/F "Kaksi Perkeletta"
- Perisynti "Hiilenmusta Lammas"
- Illnath "Cast into fields of evil pleasure"
- Tvangeste "Firestorm"
- Diabolical Breed "Compendium Infernus"
- Gloria Morti "Lifestream Corrosion"
- Tyrant "Grimories"
- Falchhion "legacy of heathens"
- Pantheon I "Atrocity divine"
- Grimforce "Circulation to conclusion"
- Souless "Agony's Lament"
- Chainsw "Smell the saw"
- Blood Hammer "The passion of the Devil"
- GoatWar "We are heretics"
- H.F.H. "Hackelsekista"
- Stalaggah "Nihilistik TError"
- Sigblog "Blodsband"
- Ildjarn "Forest poetry"
- Vargleide "When only ashes.."
- Necroplasma "Gospels of Antichristian Terror"
- Plastic Earth "S.E.A.M. -01"
- Negura Bunget "Zirnidu-Sa"
- Negura Bunget "Sala Molksa"
- Nunslaughter "Open Spulchre"
- Black Funeral "Az-i-Dahak"
- Black Funeral "Drbog"
- Veles "Black hateful metal"
- Veles "Night on the Bare Mountain/Black hateful metal"
- Grand Belial's Key "Kosherat"
- Grand Belial's Key "Judeobeast Assassination"
- Old Wainds 'Scalding Coldness"
- Old Wainds/Navb "We are the North"
- Navb "Certogi Smerti"
- Perished "Kark"
- Flame "Into the age of fire"
- Azag-Thoth "Reign Supreme"
- Malsain "They never die"
- Aura Noir "Increased damnation"
- Gorbalrog "Untergang"
- Cales "The pass in time"
- Daemonlord "Of war and hate"
- Myrk "Icons of the dark"
- Legion of Sadism "...auf Gedeih und Berderb"
- Nightside "The end of Christianity"
- Decayed/Xerion "Split"
- Grimuack "Goetica Summa"
- Dark Psychosis "Obsesse by shadows"
- The Stone "Magla"
- Lugubre "Anti-human black metal"
- Tymah "Transylvanian dreams"
- Beastcraft "Into the burning pit of Hell"
- Goetia "Hail Satan"
- Gaahlskagg "Erotic Funeral"
- Dub Buk "Misacb pomsti"/"...zasinae ta u vi sni pomirae..."
- Lust/Anael "Split"
- Niden Div 187 "Impergium/Towards Judgement"
- Abyssic Hate "A decade of hate"
- Abyssic Hate "Suicidal Emotions"
- Perished "Seid"
- Infernal War "Infernal War" (digi)
- Iron Fist "Metal ages"
- Hypnos "Marbble manifesto"
- Satyricon "Nemesis Divina"
- Zorn "Schawz Metall"
- Arcturus "Sham mirrors"
- Vultyr "Philosophy of the beast"
- Cult of Catharsis/Opus Forgotten "Split" (digi)
- Manegarm "Urminnes Havd - The forest sessions"
- Manegarm "Havets Vargat"
- Manegarm "Nordstjarnans Tidsalder"
- Manegarm "Vredens Tid"
- Manegarm "Vargaresa, the begining"
- Manegarm "Dodsfard"
- Enslaved "Monumension"
- Capricornus "Alone agains all"
- Borknagar "The olden domain"
- Borknagar "Borknagar"
- Ad Hominem "Climax of Hatred"
- Operation Winter Mist "Imperial grand strategy"
- Hemnur "Satanic Hellride"
- Vociferian "Universal hate decades ultimatum"
- Gnostic "Hatewar 666"
- Immortal "At the heart of winter"
- Enslaved "Eld"
- Immortal "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism"
- Black Crucifixion "The gallen one of flames"
- Velimor "Fot the glory of our kin/Runan"
- Velimor "Ancestry"
- Fullmoon "United Aryan Evil"
- Legacy of blood "Infernal cult of blood"
- War "Ex tenebrus nascetus ut deleas"
- Dark Fury/White Devils/War "Alliance in hate"
- Holy Death "Triumph of Evil"
- Lucifugum "On hooks to pieces"
- Nihil Noctrurne "Necrohell"
- Kroda/Velimor "Molotom duxu ta ednisto krovi"
- Forest "Foredooming the hope for eternity"
- Forest "As a song in the harvest of grief"
- Deivos "Hostile blood"
- Absemia "Morbopraxis"
- Belzabet "Before night fall"
- Unholy Matrimony "Misologie" (digi)
- Forefather "Llegends untold"
- Vokodlok "Unchain the Wolf"
- Flames of Hell "Fire and steel"
- Nocte Obducta "Stille"
- Suicidal Winds "Victims in blood"
- Morbid Execution "Total devotion"
- Cult of Daath "Slit throats and ritual nights"
- Apocalyptic Vision "Doomsday device"
- Perun "The Wolflegion"
- Belef "Deathwind legion"
- Ahriman "Mistpain path"
- Oksanat "Aurora"
- Isegrim "Gloria deo, domino inferi"
- Stormerow "Wounded skies"
- Horned Almighty "Black metal Jesus"
- Forest "Like a blaze above the ashes"
- Autumn Verses "Tunes of disconsolation"
- Black Beast/Bloodhammer "unholy Finnish black horror union"
- Scream of the Eastern Lands "Inferno, Dub Buk, Bessat..."
- Bombarder "Ledena krv"
- Absonus noctis "penumbral Inorgantia"
- Brainkald "The triumph ot the will"
- Scald "Will of the gods is great power"
- Hordes of Yore "Of splendour and ruin"
- Mind Propaganda/Ismark "Naturgewalten"
- Sanatorium "Celebration of exumation"
- Immortal Hammer "V znameni Perunovho Kruhu"
- Detonator666 "At the dawn of sadistic infernal holocaust"
- Gottlos "Infernal Pandemnio"
- Moontower "Praise the apocalypse"
- Krieg "Sono lo Scherno"
- Krieg "The black house"
- Krieg "Destruction ritual"
- Krieg "Blue miasma"
- Krieg "The church"
- Nargaroth "Black metal ist Krieg"
- Corpus Christii " The fire God" (digi)
- Satanic Warmaster "...of the night"
- Satanic Warmaster "Opfenblut"
- Satanic Warmaster "CArelian Satanist MAdness"
- Unlord "Lord of Beneath"
- Unlord "Gladiator"
- Kampfar "Norse"
- Mayhem "Chimera"
- Aeternus "Ascension of terror"
- Urgehal "Arma Christi"
- Urgehal "Massive Terrestrial Strike"
- Baltak "Makedonski Boj"
- Capitollium "Symphony of possession"
- Luna Ad Noctum "Dimness profound"
- Enshadowed "Messengers of the darkest dawn"
- Desaster "Hellfire's Dominion"
- Svartsyn "Destruction of man"
- Lathspell "Fascination of deviltry"
- Eminenz "Anti-Genesis"
- Old Funeral "The older ones"
- Sanguis "Chaosgate guardians"
- Elite "Kampen"
- Elite "Bekmorkt"
- Darkestrah "Embrace of memory"
- Korihor/Abigail "Alkoholik metal blasphemers"
- Black Witchery "Desecration of the holy kingdom"
- Thunderbolt "The burning deed of deceit"
- Spite Extreme Wing "Non Dvcor, Dvco"
- Hell-Born "hellblast"
- Thyrfing "Thyrfing"
- Sear Bliss "Grand Destiny"
- Pest "Vado Morr"
- Thornspawn "Blood of the noly taint thy steel"
- Saltus "Slavonic pride"
- Perditor "In signo suo"
- The Beast "Fied by the Devil"
- Mess Age "Self convicted"
- Dissimulation "Prakeikimas"
- The shadow order "Untold"
- Hate Forest "Nietzscheism"
- Kroda/Oprich "Legenda/Voacha vernosti"
- Krnica "Angel"
- Vargleide "When only ashes and scorched earth are left behind..."
- Hail "Inheritance of evilness"
- Semirgl "Attack on god"
- Vinterriket/Northaunt "Split"
- Haemoth "Vice, Suffering and destruction"
- Lugubrum "Hilige dwazen"
- Pagan Winter "The cult of flesh"
- Darvuila "L'Alliance des venins"
- Diapsiquir "Virus S.T.N."
- October Falls "Marras"
- April Ethereal "Advent"
- Hermh "Before the Eden - awaiting the fire"
- Alltar the sky " Plight of the vomit eagle"
- Kuru "Epidemic"
- Suicidal Winds "Victims in blood"
- Ancient Rites "And the hordes stood as one"
- Svarrogh "Lady Vitosha"
- Lost Infinity "Laments of dusk"
- Martyrium "The carnale lit by darkness"
- Nomands Land "The last son of the fjord"
- Hellveto "Prelude to dying"
- Glut "Origen da tragedia"
- Caustic "The horror cult"
- Volkolak "Dark shine of scales"
- Tales of DArknord "Stalingrad: war episodes"
- Forefather "The fighting man"
- Falkenbach "En their medn riki fara"
- ROOT "The book"
- Northstream "Time of thriumphal cleanliness"
- Hallstatt "Barbarian warlike supremacy"
- Typhus "Profound blasphemous proclamation"
- Geimhre/Shade "Split"
- Nocternity "En oria/Crucify him"
- Pestilence "Mallevs maleficarvm"
- Arkham "Ehapter 3: The madness from the sea"
- Sunwhell "Monuments of the elder faith"
- Infernum "...Taur-Ru-Fuin"
- Bewitched "Unueling rion"
- Sauron "Trash assault"
- Shemhamphorash "Dementia"
- Evilfeast "Mysteries of the nocturnal forest"
- Avulsion "Indoctrination into the cult of death"
- Dark Faith "Storm of hatred and anger"
- Crimson Massacre "The luster of pandemonium"
- Astrofaes "Dying emotions domain"
- Anaak Nathrakh "The codex necro"
- Detrimentum "A monument to the suffering"
- Anorexia Nervosa "Sodomizing the archangel"
- Abominant "Upon black horizons"
- Abominant "The way after"
- Demogod "Slumber of sullen eyes"
- Thunderfkaft "Znama pobedi"
- Krabathor "20 years of madness" - Dupli CD
- Hellfire "Into fire"
- Averse Sefira "Tetragrammatical Astygmata"
- Theatres des Vampires "Vampyrisme..."
- Morrigan "Heaolult"
- Absurd "Tribjute fo the tyrant of german black metal"
- Lord Belial "The seal of Belial"
- Necrosadistic Goat Torture "One nation under goat"
- Atras Cineris "Blut"
- Demonic Chorals "Power of immortal hatred"
- Beastcraft "Dawn of the serpent"
- EMK "Existence is futile"
- Criffar "Of witches and celts"
- Behemoth "Thelema.6"
- Monstrosity "Enslavinc the masses" Dupli CD
- Walpurgisnacht "Die derwaert gaen en keeren niet"
- Harvist "Lighting storm in the veins"
- Belfegor "The kingdom of glasial palaces"
- Cerberus "Chapters of Blackness"
- Creature "Der ursprung"
- Forgotten Chaos "Victorius among the damned"
- Angel Decay "Odiumspace"
- Carpe Tenebrum "Mirrored hate painting"
- In Memorium "From misery comes darkness"
- Mystic Circle "The great Beast"
- Impetigo "Giallo/Antefatto"
- Graveland "Fire chariot of destruction"
- Eisigwald/Morbus Mundi "Split"
- Xasthur/Leviathan "Split"
 -Rites of thy degringolade "An ode to sin"
- Nachtmystium "Demise"
- Blood Vengeance "Iron Wwarfare"
- Morbosidad "Cojete u dios por el culo"
- Supreme Lord "X99.9 Kill your enemies"
- Satyricon "Dark Medieval Times/The forest is my throne" - Rusko izdanje
- Satyricon "The Shadowthrone/Megiddo" - Rusko izdanje
- Satyricon "Nemesis Divina/Ten horns, ten deadems" - Rusko izdanje
- Dark Throne "RAvishing grimness/Plague wieder" - Rusko izdanje
- Dark Throne "Transilvanian Hunger/Total death" - Rusko izdanje
- Dark Throne "A blaze in the northern sky/Preparing for war: Vol.1" - 
Rusko izdanje
- Dark Throne "Under a funeral moon/Panzerfaust" - Rusko izdanje
*PLOCE:  LP = 600 dinara, EP = 300 dinara*
- Goetia "Hail Satan" 12"LP
- Assault "Nuclear Deathrash" 12"LP
- Throneum "Old death's lair" 12"LP
- Nortt "Gudsrofladt" 12"LP
- ABSU "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 12"LP
- Kult ov Azazel/Satans Blood "Split" 7"EP
- Vinterriket "Im ambivalenten bwielicht der dunkelheit" 7"EP
- Inferno "Legio nexmrtelnych" 7"EP
- Denouncementry Pyre "Decaylust" 7"EP
- Armaggedon/Vargsang "Split" 7"EP
- Horned Almighty "In the year of our horned lord" 7"EP
- Horna/Blaskdeath "Split" 7"EP
- The Stone "Cujete li smeju nam se mrtvi" 7"EP
- Proscriptor "Thoth music (k)" 7"EP
*_MAICE:  500 dinara_*
- Nokturnal Mortum "Valkyria" XL
- Nokturnal Mortum "Old Warrior Gold" XL
- Vargsang "Throne of the forgotten" XL
- Bestial Holocaust "Pacto con Satan" XL
- Morgart "15. Nov. 1315" XL
- Black Crucifixion "S/t" XL
*_DUKSERICE:  600 dinara_*
- Nokturnal Mortum "Nehrist" XXL
- Black Crucifixion "S/t" XL
Pa ako ste zainteresovani u neki od nasih naslova kontaktirajte nas i 
napravicemo neki posao.


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