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> Peter Lindgren has stepped down from his guitar wielding duties
> after 16 
> years in Opeth. Below is an open letter from Peter addressing the
> issue:
> "It is with sadness I announce that Opeth and I are going separate
> ways 
> after almost 16 years. The decision has been the toughest I've ever
> made 
> but it is the right one to make at this point in my life.
> The reason behind this is that I feel that I simply have lost some
> of 
> the enthusiasm and inspiration needed to participate in a band that
> has 
> grown from a few guys playing the music we love to a world-wide 
> industry. The love of music has always been, and still is, our
> motive, 
> but I personally have lost something along the way. The massive
> amount 
> of touring has taken its toll. Opeth has worked extremely hard to
> get 
> where we are right now and in order to persist and maintain the
> quality 
> of the music, it is necessary that we continue to work hard and 
> always 
> stay focused. But in doing so, it means that we nowadays spend 18
> or 19 
> months on the road and I don't feel the same enthusiasm for the
> upcoming 
> world tour that I have felt earlier. I have come to a point where I
> realize I won't be able to give the band 100%, and from both sides
> this 
> will not be good enough for what Opeth stands for. I will always
> love 
> playing, listening to, and living music, but I will do it
> differently 
> from now on.
> These years has easily been the best of my life and I will always 
> cherish the memory of what we have experienced together. I would
> like to 
> thank the band, our management, record label people, all the bands
> I've 
> made friends with for everything. Most of all, I would like to
> thank the 
> fans from the depth of my heart for the support throughout the
> years.
> I wish Mikael, Martin, Per and Axe all the best and I am confident
> they 
> will continue doing the greatest music in the world!! /Peter"
> KRUX) 
> Fredrik Åkesson has been confirmed as being the new guitarist in
> Opeth. 
> Visit his MySpace at:
> Says Mikael Åkerfeldt: "Well, I think it's too soon right now to
> fully 
> be able to explain what I feel. Peter and I had been working in
> this 
> band together for almost half of our lives and we shared some 
> unforgettable experiences together all over the world. We will
> obviously 
> remain friends and this "break up" has been on very good terms from
> both 
> sides. We all wish him the best of luck with his future ventures!
> Fredrik was the only name that popped up thinking about a
> replacement 
> for Peter. In my opinion he's one of the top 3 guitar players out
> of 
> Sweden. We all get along great as we've known each other for maybe
> 4 
> years + he already has the experience to take on the circus-like 
> lifestyle we lead as members of Opeth.
> I can't wait to see what he can bring to the table musically and
> also to 
> get out on the roads touring together. His first gig will be at the
> Ilosaari festival in Finland. I'm sure he'll shit his pants before
> that 
> one, but then will I!"
> N.P. Thyrfing - Valdr Galga
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