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Found this lovely website while I was randomly surfing around.
Would be kinda cool if it even is partly true.. :wink:

It's in swedish but I'll try to translate the important bits.

The site mainly discusses the subject of resurgent atavism which basically is old stuff that reappers today in a modern form.

A book that discusses this subject in a musical form is Lords of Chaos - The Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground. The main theory is that Black Metal is supposed to be a form of resurgent atavism. Especially growling!

And now to the fun part.. :D

This has been found in books of arabic visitors to the cold north.

The Emperor Julian Apostaten told that in 350 A.D about the northmen's harsh vocals, which he resembled by the screams of Crows. He also speeks about their deathwailing as unharmonical.

An arabic traveler, Ibrahim Ibn Ahmed at-Tartuschi, who visited Hedeby in the 900th century spoke about the Vikings and their singing. "Never before have I heard such horrific singing as at the slesvigarnas, it's a humming that rises from their throats in resemblance of dogs barking only more beastly."

Around 870 it's told that the song of the allemannernas sounded like a heavily loaded wagon that was rolling down a hill. And it is told that their like thunder rolling chants couldn't handle any soft modulation, since their throats was heavily affected by excessive drunkenment.

I guess not all of it's completely true but it's still kinda nice..  ;)


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