" “Sharing the Wes”

For me to continue to create music, I have to know that people are hearing
it. Elements of cost and lack of distribution have made most of my catalogue
very difficult to acquire. So rather than go into a long diatribe about how
the industry is changing, I am just going to post this blog to announce a
new "Share the Wes" policy.

My entire catalogue is now available through links on this site as MP3
downloads ­ at no cost.

The only thing I ask in return is that if you choose to download the music
and add it to your collection, you "Share the Wes" with everyone you know
that may have an interest in the music that I create.

Point them to the site and encourage them to discover the music I have
created over the course of my career, and then encourage them to share it!

If you like the music, go to the "Demand it" button on my site, tell me
where you are, and hopefully at some point in the future I can come near to
where you are and "Share the Wes" live.

I am driven by a need to create and perform. Sharing my music in this manner
will help to remove some of the barriers that I have encountered in exposing
the songs to a wider audience.

In regards to income, music is not free to create. There are heavy costs in
the time, money and expense it takes to create, record and perform the
music. Many people also still enjoy having the CD and artwork… Some like to
have it signed to collect, and let¹s face it, CD's are higher quality and
sound better than MP3's. So to help defray these costs and still make the
music available to the fans that love having the discs, I will still offer
the music in CD form online and at gigs, although most of the music I am
offering is now out of print, which again, is a major factor in my decision
to "Share the Wes" for free.

I've added a Paypal button on the site for donations to go towards covering
the expense of creating new music. If you download the music and you love
it, and you want to be a part of supporting my quest to create more, click
the Paypal button. Any amount helps and will go to covering the cost of
creating new music.

When I create new music, there will be an initial period where it will only
be available on CD or Snocap, again, to help cover the costs.

The bottom line is, there are now over 50 songs on this site to have, to
share, and to help you become a part of the entire history of my journey of
creating music.

Please take it all, listen to it, and enjoy… and share it!


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