KOLAC (SRB) - ... No God (Serbian Antireligious Black Metal, second demo)


KOLAC (SRB) - Like A Nun To The Slaughter (Serbian Black Metal, third demo, and 
first demo as bonus)
ASTROFAES (UKR) - Geni Predkov (Heathen Black Metal, third album)
ASTROFAES (UKR) - ... Those Whose Past Is Immortal (Heathen Black Metal, fifth 
ASTROFAES (UKR) - The Attraction: Heaven And Earth (Heathen Black Metal, second 
BLOODY SIGN (FRA) - Explosion Of Elements (Kult Black/Death Metal)
LUNATIC GODS (SVK) - Sitting By The Fire (Avantgarde Death Metal, second album)
HATE (POL) - Abhorrence (First Demo of Polish Death Kult)
THYRANE (FIN) - The Spirit Of Rebellion (Symphonic Black Metal, second album)
AVENGER (CZE) - Fall Of Devotion - Wrath And Blasphemy (Great Black/Death Metal)
WINTERBLUT (GER) - Das Aas Aller Dinge (Kult Black Metal from member of Krieg, 
Nargaroth, ...)
ETERNAL PAIN (GER) - In Pain We Trust... Relicts For Revenge (Old School German 
Styled Thrash Metal)
9th PLAGUE / MUTILATION (SWE)/(SRB) - United In Real Brutality (Old School 
Brutal Death Metal)
DENIAL OF GOD (DNK) - The Ghouls Of DOG (Black Metal Masterpiece!!!)
NAER MATARON (GRE) - Skotos Aenaon (Antichristian Black Metal)
KILLERS (FRA) - Habemus Metal (Traditional Speed Metal)
POSSESSED (USA) - Seven Churches (If you need comments about this release, stop 
reading this, and go kneel before your dead god)
INFERNO (CZE) - Pure Serbian Hell (Kult Black Metal, live recording from 
Serbian Hell)
INFERNO (CZE) - Chram Nenavisti (Kult Black Metal demo!!! A MUST!!!)
VARATHRON (GRE) - Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire (Occult Black Metal, compilation 
of unreleased and demo recordings)
JUDAS ISCARIOT (USA) - Avetinjski Ples Sablasti (KVLT!!!! Rezervisano samo za 
Srbe i Makedonce)
MOONTOWER (POL) - The Wolf's Hunger (Satanic Black Metal Mayhem)
THE KRUSHERS (ITA) - Megaloi Throi (Death/Thrash Metal)
DESASTER (GER) - Live In Serbian Hell (LEGENDARY SHOW!!! Live in Serbia in 2002)
PAGANFIRE / EVIL ATTACK (PHI)/(CHI) - United In Thrash And Beer II (Exotic 
Speed/Thrash Metal alliance)
BLACK ANGEL (PER) - From The Darkness (South American Black Metal Commando)
MAROTH (SRB) - Krst U Plamenu (One of the best Serbian Black Metal bands 
ever!!! Bojan Stambolija R.I.P.)
VICTIMIZER (DNK) - 5 Years Of Violence And Skullcrushing (Old School 
Speed/Thrash Metal!!! Compilation of early demos)
KOLDBRANN (NOR) - Nekrotisk Inkvisition (KVLT Black Metal band!!! Only for 
Eastern European maniaks!!! 2 bonus live tracks)


5 EUR incl post or 200 RSD+ptt

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