On Monday 02 October 2006 20:40, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> This patch adds sipdialog:generate_new_request/5 which takes an
> CSeqNum parameter, needed to build an ACK in response for an INVITE.
> The CSeq number in such ACK need to be equal to the CSeq number of
> the INVITE.

Absolutely right. To be more in line with how I have solved that problem 
in other functions where a value is generated if one is not provided by 
the caller, I made generate_new_request look for a 

  {"CSeq", ["123 ACK"]}

tuple in ExtraHeaders instead.

I also changed the return value of generate_new_request/4 to be the 
whole list of destinations, not just the first one. This was how it was 
previously documented, but not how it was implemented :(.

I also wrote some test cases for generate_new_request/4.


I think there is a need for a general module that can start client 
transactions using a list of sipdst records until the transport layer 
does not generate errors. 

This functionality is currently redundantly implemented in sipproxy and 
sippipe, but now with the new YXA applications that actually generate 
requests themselves (your B2BUA and my eventserver), there is probably 
a need for a third variant - I'm thinking 'siphunt'. I'll see if I find 
the time.

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