Jeff Carreon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I am very new at setting up YXA, and I've arrived at the point where
>> I need to start incomingproxy.
>> My last commands were:
>> - sudo yxa-bootstrap -name [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> It said the bootstrap was complete, and I go check and the directory
>> var/yxa/db/[EMAIL PROTECTED] was created.
>> I then set my incomingproxy.config parameters as:
>> [{incomingproxy, [{sipauth_realm, ""},
>>                  {sipauth_password, "testpassword"},
>>                  {logger_logbasename, "/var/log/yxa/incomingproxy"},
>>                  {userdb_modules, [sipuserdb_file]},
>>                  {databaseservers, ['/var/yxa/db/[EMAIL PROTECTED]']},
>>                  {myhostnames, ["[EMAIL PROTECTED]"]},
>>                  {homedomain, [""]}
>>                ]}].
>> When I run the command
>> - sudo ./incomingproxy -name [EMAIL PROTECTED] -d
>> It sends the ff error message:
>> Supervisor error:
>> {error_report,<0.60.0>,
>>              {<0.60.0>,
>>               crash_report,
>>               [[{pid,<0.60.0>},
>>                 {registered_name,[]},
>>                 {error_info,"invalid return value from
>> sipserver:start(normal,[incomingproxy]) -> 'Could not establish a
>> connection to any of the configured databaseservers'"},
>> If I try incomingproxy without the -name, the error becomes "Can't
>> set long node name."
>> Incomingproxy should be the one to start the mnesia database, right?
>> Did I miss something, or had a wrong configuration? Thanks in
>> advance.


The incomingproxy node is normally the database server. When you 
bootstrap using another name than [EMAIL PROTECTED] you need 
to start an Erlang node with that name yourself, in order to have a 
database node for your incomingproxy to connect to.

The "Can't set long node name." error message probably refers to some 
problem Erlang is having figuring out your hostname. It might be that 
your hostname is not fully qualified, and is not present in DNS or your 
/etc/hosts file. If you remove the /var/yxa/db/[EMAIL PROTECTED] directory, 
and bootstrap again with -name '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' I think 
things will work much better - that way you will automatically get a 
database node when you start your incomingproxy node.


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