Russ Daigle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Greetings!
> I have yxa-0.91 running on my OSX 14.x,  and am having troubles
> getting some basic calls to succeed.   While this email may seem
> long, I presume the problem is simple and basic.
> First a couple quick questions:
> 1) Is there some config where I can turn of authentication so INVITE/
> REGISTER are not challenged with 401/407?

No, you have to use hooks for that. I don't have time to explain it in 
detail before the weekend, but basically you copy local_su_se.erl to 
local_musecurity.erl and then configure YXA 
with --with-local=local_musecurity. This is explained in the README.

> 2) Is there some way I can make incomingproxy use a port other than
> 5060?

Sure, see configuration parameter listenport (and tls_listenport) in the 

> So, here is what I am doing.
> I am running incomingproxy AND 2 SIP clients on the same OSX laptop.
> Currently I have the incomingproxy on 5060, one client on 5070, and
> the other on 5080.  (I'm currently using UDP, but once this works, I
> will also play with TCP and TLS.)
> My config is similar to the "quick start" config on the YXA web-
> site.  (More details below.)
> FIrst, note I added the following to my "/etc/hosts" so that the
> following domain names map to  (The last 3 aren't really
> used, but I added them for kicks.)
> Now, my incomingproxy.config looks like:
> [{incomingproxy, [{sipauth_realm, ""},
>                   {sipauth_password, "password"},
>                   {logger_logbasename, "/var/log/yxa/incomingproxy"},
>                   {userdb_modules, [sipuserdb_file]},
>                   {sipuserdb_file_filename, "/var/yxa/userdb"},
>                   {myhostnames, [""]}
>                 ]}].
> And my userdb text file looks like:
> [
> {user, [
>          {name, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"},
>          {password, "password"},
>          {classes, [internal,national,mobile]}
>         ]},
> {user, [
>          {name, "bob"},
>          {password, "password"},
>          {classes, [internal]}
>         ]},
> {address, [
>             {user, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"},
>             {address, "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5070"}
>            ]},
> {address, [
>             {user, "bob"},
>             {address, "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5080"}
>            ]}
> ].
> Below are two problems:
> 1) I tried to have Alice invite Bob (via the incomingproxy), and got
> a "403 Forbidden" response.  (Proxy-auth succeeded, so it wasn't an
> auth problem.)  In the error log I saw the following:
> 2006-11-03 11:54:57.002 error<0.296.0>:Authenticated user
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" may NOT use address "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5070"
> It seems to not like the port number I put in the userdb to explain
> how to get to Alice.

The userdb is not the location db. The latter is what should be used to 
locate Alices running user agent. Remove the port number from the 
address in the userdb, and have Alice REGISTER with the proxy.

> The complete message exchange is below.
> (Note I tried a ton of different permutations to have alice send to
> bob.... and I got a few other different errors.  When alice did not
> have the same domain-name, I'd get a loop error.  I guess this was
> because both domains were defined in my etc/hosts as, and
> hence incomingproxy forwarded to the other domain at port 5060....
> which was itself!   That seems legitamate)
> 2) I also tried to have Alice REGISTER with incoming proxy, and got a
> "404 Not Found" error.   Again, authentication succeeded, but
> something else wasn't liked.  The log entry for that one looked like:
> 2006-11-03 11:57:04.247 normal<0.303.0>:z9hG4bK-yxa-
> eARzNjKux31dikpQ2TrMoQ: incomingproxy: SipUser "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> tried to REGISTER invalid address sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Perhaps it expected the From: header to indicate port 5070, since
> that is what was in the userdb for Alice?

Not From:, but To:. But anyways, you should remove the port number from 
the address in the userdb as per above.

> I hope not, as the From:
> header is suppose to be the Address-of-Record.... and the address of
> record is actually port 5060 (since it is suppose to go to the
> incomingproxy first).

Well no not really, the AOR is "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (once you remove 
the port from the userdb). Both From and To in the REGISTER should be 
the AOR (since your'e not performing 3rd party registrations) and the 
Contact: header in the REGISTER should be the actual location (something 
like "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5070" or "sip:" or 
"sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5070").


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