Mikael Magnusson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> the transport parameter is only used by sipdst:url_to_sipdst if the
> host contains a numeric IP address, but according to RFC 3263 section
> 4.1 it should be used for other addresses as well.

Right, good catch. I started making that change, but stumbled onto a 

What if you type in an address of "sip:[EMAIL PROTECTED];transport=udp" in 
your user agent, but example.org has NAPTR/SRV records giving precedence 
to TCP? When your user agent sends the request to your YXA proxy 
(presumably using UDP), what transport should the YXA server use after 
it resolves the NAPTR/SRV records of example.org and sees that the UAC 
has requested one protocol, but example.org prefers to be contacted 
using another?

I'll have to think about that at least over lunch.


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