Fredrik Thulin wrote:
> Travis Cross wrote:
> ...
>>   {listen_on, [{udp6,"",5060},
>>                {tcp6,"",5060}]},
>> or disable tls just by leaving it out of the listen_on list?  In any
>> case, doing this would reduce the possibility of specifying
>> conflicting or ambiguous configuration parameters.
> Good thinking - the syntax would be {udp6, "::", 5060} though. What I'm 
> really missing here is
>    1) ability to listen to the same port(s) for all my IP addresses, be
>       they IPv4 or IPv6

This is not going to work without direct support by the emulator's 
networking driver.  The main issue is that in case of multiple network 
interfaces the driver doesn't notify the listener about which IP address 
a UDP packet was received on, and therefore YXA wouldn't know which IP 
to send a reply from.

We have a solution for this as a patch to the emulator's inet driver, 
which I am hoping will make its way to some forthcoming OTP relese. 
However, it's only Linux specific at this time.

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