Serge Aleynikov wrote:

>> Good thinking - the syntax would be {udp6, "::", 5060} though. What 
>> I'm really missing here is
>>    1) ability to listen to the same port(s) for all my IP addresses, be
>>       they IPv4 or IPv6
> This is not going to work without direct support by the emulator's 
> networking driver.  The main issue is that in case of multiple network 
> interfaces the driver doesn't notify the listener about which IP address 
> a UDP packet was received on, and therefore YXA wouldn't know which IP 
> to send a reply from.

I said 'same port', not same socket =).

I was talking from a user perspective - how it should be configured, not 
how it should be done technically. I think having to configure the 
following is no good from a user perspective, to get a proxy that 
listens to all my IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (on a non-standard port) :

   {listen_on, [{tcp, "", 5050},
                {udp, "", 5050},
                {tls, "", 5061},
                {tcp6, "::", 5050},
                {udp6, "::", 5050},
                {tls6, "::", 5051}

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