I have just made the first YXA 1.0 release candidate available.

YXA's development by no means stop at version 1.0, but I must say that 
it feels great to have reached this point in maturity and code quality.

This is a list of changes since the last release, which was 0.91 :

-- 1.0rc1       (2007-04-12)

  - Updated RFC3263 (SIP DNS) implementation to work just like
    the RFC says.
  - Made what log levels should be written to files configurable.
  - Rewrote most of the pstnproxy YXA application to allow more
    configurations than before (for example gateway to gateway
  - Improved test framework greatly to the point where whole YXA
    applications can be tested with a constructed configuration and
    user database environment.
  - Implemented GRUU (draft-ietf-sip-gruu-06).
  - Implemented generic SIP Event (RFC3265) server, with plugins for
    the following packages : presence, dialog (experimental)
  - Implemented Outbound (draft-ietf-sip-outbound-03). Not very
    tested since there are virtually no other implementations of
    Outbound yet.
  - Implement RFC3327 (Path). Needed for Outbound.
  - Implement STUN server answering NAT keepalive STUN requests
    received on our SIP ports.

Once edoc provides enough functionality for us to not loose tremendous 
amounts of variable usage documentation, I think we will be ready for 
the real 1.0.

MD5 :

4ea433e0e8559478214b6187d1953774  yxa-1.0rc1.tar.gz

SHA1 :

d96d60d2c32b5ba21f24d201962a341f9b41269b  yxa-1.0rc1.tar.gz

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