Knight Tiger wrote:
> Fredrik,
>             I thank you for your quick response. I am attaching the log file
> to this email as an attachment (which is why I am sending this one to you as
> well as the mailing list) because the log file is terribly long and I dont
> want to clog all your inbox with it. So I am uploading it to this site,
> where everyone can access the file for 7 days. (

Ok, the relevant part of the error log seems to be (near the top) :

2007-08-29 11:41:08.888 error<0.169.0>:TCP listener: Could not open 
socket - module gen_tcp, proto tcp, port 5060 : eaddrinuse (address alre
ady in use)

What it says is that TCP port 5060 could not be made listening by the 
YXA server, because something else is already listening there. Are you 
running a soft phone on the same computer perhaps? Or another SIP server?

> Since the functions are invoked recursively, I see the same function
> repeating over and over in the logs.

It isn't invoked recursively, but repetedly. There is a supervisor 
process that detects that the TCP listener died, and tries restarting 
it. I would agree that there is room for improvements here - when it is 
the initial setup that fails there isn't much point in immediately 
trying again until we decide it is time to bail out after 20 (or some 
other value, don't remember) attempts.

> It is quite possible that I am not
> doing this right. A step by step configuration example on the website would
> be very helpful.

Perhaps you did not find and

or whas it some other kind of document you had in mind? Both these are 
linked from the documentation tab of the YXA web site.

> I do hope that this log does provide enough detail (I dont know how to tweak
> the log levels yet). I request you all to kindly guide me here.

Of course we will be kind! We were all new to Erlang once, and - well - 
it's error messages aren't exactly the things we have in mind when we 
tell someone what a beautiful programming language Erlang is ;)

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