Dmitriy Kargapolov wrote:
> Hi
> It was come to my attention that sometimes CANCEL request does not pass 
> through proxy to destination. Failing scenario feature - proxy receives 
> CANCEL request from call originator BEFORE provisional response 100 come 
> from destination.
> Sippipe sends cancel request to client transaction but this cannot be 
> canceled being in state 'calling' until received 100 response and 
> changed state to 'proceeding'. The code has all required logic, but 
> minor bug did not allow this work properly.
> clienttransaction:act_on_new_sipstate/4 function had too curled set of 
> guards causing invalid arguments match behavior. Also minor correction 
> to act_on_new_sipstate2 required.
> Attached patch looks working properly in my tests.
> Thanks.

One less bug that will be part of YXA 1.0, great! Thanks for the fix - 
I'll try to get edoc working now and release 1.0rc2 ASAP. I have 
committed a slightly modified fix to YXA trunk (r1618).

If you or anyone else find more bugs in the future, then please also try 
to include a test case to demonstrate the problem and also 'prove' the 
solution in the patch.


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