I just released the second release candidate for YXA 1.0.

These are the changes between 1.0rc1 and 1.0rc2 :

  - Start using edoc for documentation of all functions.
  - Fix bug in handling of race condition with CANCEL, which could
    result in phones that never stop ringing.
  - Handle UTF-8 in contact display names.
  - Bugfix a certain case of URI comparision in the CPL subsystem.

With the transition to edoc complete (hopefully, it was messy), 
everything I wanted done for 1.0 is finished.

I'm giving a talk about the last three years of YXA development at
EUC '07 (Erlang User Conference), early November. I am determined to be 
able to report that YXA 1.0 has been released at EUC, so test anything 
dear to you really quickly.

You can find links to online API documentation at the YXA download page. 
Please tell me what you think. That documentation is generated by 'make 

MD5 :

23b1a17848b0677f70647d34d3090c6b  yxa-1.0rc2.tar.gz

SHA1 :

f97a36531657befb960656bf846e51b6b7f27034  yxa-1.0rc2.tar.gz


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