Costin-Tiberiu Radu wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any work done on the yxa at this moment?
> I've noticed that the latest version is from 2007 and the problem that
> bothered me the most it required some specific Erlang version.
> Would it be a dead end to try to hardcode hack the source to reflect the
> new version of Erlang/OTP ?
> My problem is that I do not want to have many Erlang versions for
> different applications

Well, yes and no. I'm the main developer of YXA and I'm currently on 
paternity leave.

I've been meaning to release a 1.1 version of YXA soon, with a number of 
fixes and small improvements that have been made in the last year, but 
never get the time to do it...

It is easy to hack the source to use another version of Erlang, but it 
is hard coded for a reason (see mailing list archives for longer 
explanation, but it is about certifying that YXA works with specific 
Erlang versions).

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