Hello YXA developers,

I've got a couple of questions about YXA which I hope you could answer. 
I've been working for a few months with asterisk interfaced to Erlang 
creating applications for least cost routing of phone calls, call 
recording, conferencing etc. Our interface to the PSTN is SIP. I'm very 
keen on Erlang, but less so on asterisk. I'm curious to know if YXA 
might be a viable route forwards. My alternative is to move over to 
something like Freeswitch or OpenSER and working out an Erlang interface.

Firstly, how active is the development? I notice the last major release 
is just over 12 months ago. Are you still working on it?

Secondly, as I understand it, YXA just handles SIP, not RTP. Is that 
right? So any functions like call recording, voicemail, conferencing, 
IVR, DTMF handling would have to be handled by other software? This is 
my main area of concern - that I'm not looking at the right tool for the 

I wouldn't mind at all having to add or extend YXA functionality, as 
long as I'm heading down the right path.

Many thanks,

Rob Charlton
Savage Minds Ltd
+44 20 79210521
skype: chocolatetpot

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