Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> I have found a problem with loop detection in Yxa.  The Request-URI used
> when creating the loop cookie is not the original URI but the URI after
> any translation, which is a problem.
> My test scenario is:
> User A calls a telephone number N which is looked up in ENUM into URI B
> in the home domain. URI B is handled by a regexp route, and sent to
> local user C which has a CPL script registered. This script forks into
> multiple local users D, E, F and G in parallel.
> The loop occurred when receiving the request for user C.

Wow, that's some test case =).

Thanks, I'll have a real close look at this. Given your previous 
patches, I'll assume you are correct, but I have RFC5393 on my reading 
list and the abstract says

   "It also corrects and clarifies the description of the
    loop-detection algorithm such proxies are required to implement."

so I think reading these clarifications are in order before changing the 
loop detection algorithm, even if the current one in YXA does not match 
the one in RFC3261 (since there is obviously at least one known problem 
with that algorithm).

I'll get back to you and the list when I've had a closer look at this.

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