Costin-Tiberiu RADU wrote:
> I agree this is expected behaviour from a UA.
> The problem is that when I try to initiate a SIP session calling from
> one UA the other one, using yxa as a proxy, incomingproxy reports 500 No
> reacheable destination to the caller.
> From this behaviour I understand that although everything is fine
> (authentication went fine, yxa creates the entries in the mnesia
> database), however it does not know how to reach the UAs.
> This is my problem I am trying to figure out.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

I've had two very busy days, so perhaps I have missed you telling me 
this already, but have you tried what I said about increasing the size 
limit for when YXA chooses TCP to contact the UA instead of UDP?

If so, can you provide me with full incomingproxy.debug logs for a 
REGISTER followed by an INVITE to the UA that just registered?


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