I'm happy to report that I used Yxa to build a server for Verisign's
CNAM (Caller Name) query system[1]. In the configuration we're using
in production, the server (running Yaws embedded inside Yxa) is
essentially a web-to-SIP gateway for CNAM query; the web queries are
generated by clients inside B2BUAs, which take care of updating the
SIP From fields for the INVITEs.

I have to apologize that the code I'm presenting is not ready for
direct integration into the core Yxa trunk, partly because the
environment I worked in was not the same as the one for a normal Yxa
installation; and partly because I don't know how to work with OTP,
and instead had to work around it a couple times. However I'm hopeful
some of this new code (and code changes) can help future Yxa
development; the additions and changes for CNAM are provided under the
same license as Yxa itself -- so that someone more dedicated may
eventually integrate them into the trunk.

I provide two ways to access the code, which should address different interests:
- on github[2]  -- this is Yxa SVN release 1686, with my CNAM additions/changes;
- as an "edited" diff[3] -- this is mostly targeted at someone willing
to do integration with trunk.

I also provide a template[4] which should go in
~yxa/src/event/ybed.erl and needs to be adjusted to your local
settings. This file runs Yaws embedded inside Yxa in order to trigger
the SIP events. This is the part where I could (have) use(d) some help
with OTP, so that the Yaws part of the project could run outside of

I'll be happy to answer any questions about this new code. Sincerely,

[1] Described e.g. here:
[2] http://github.com/stephanealnet/yxa-cnam
[3] http://stephane.shimaore.net/code/yxa-cnam.edited.diff.gz
[4] http://stephane.shimaore.net/code/ybed.erl
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