Hello All!

2009/12/16 Fredrik Thulin <f...@it.su.se>:
> Should I do what most people seem to have done already and move YXA to
> github?

Yes, please! :)

> I'm not anywhere near confident in my git skills, but what better way is
> there to learn than to start using it?

I advice you to take a look at this cheat sheet


In order to properly import svn to git, you need to follow these steps:

$ git svn init svn://anonsvn.it.su.se/yxa
$ git svn fetch --authors-file=~/path/to/svnauthors.txt
$ git svn rebase
$ git remote add origin <your github address>
$ git push origin master

All you need is to properly create svnauthors.txt file  in the format :

svn_username1 = Real Name <em...@domain.com>
svn_username2 = Another Real Name <anotherem...@domain.com>

That's all (correct me if I wrong)/

With best regards, Peter Lemenkov.
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