On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 17:34 +0100, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> Hello,
> it looks like eventserver compares URI differently than incomingproxy.
> Because, if there is a user with AOR sip:u...@host, then a INVITE to
> sip:u...@host;param=value will be routed to the registered clients of
> the user.
> But if sip:u...@host;param=value appears as the request URI in a event
> subscription, then it will not get the presence of the user. Instead it
> will get a default document with state closed.
> Are there any particular reasons for this difference. It would be nice
> if eventserver ignored unknown parameters in the request URIs which are
> not present in the AOR.

Sorry for the late reply. I don't think there is a reason, but I'm not
in the position to verify this. 

I guess your idea is to change the call to
lookup:lookup_address_to_users/1 in subscription:start/5 into a call to
local:lookupuser/1 like incomingproxy does? Sounds like a good idea to
me, but I can't say I can realize all of the consequences by just
thinking about it =).


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