>>>>> Fredrik Thulin (FT) writes:

 FT> On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 18:35 +0400, Alexander Zhukov wrote:
 >> I have YXA installed and incomingproxy running with two phones
 >> connected and registered.
 >> My short goal is to make a SIP calls from an Erlang code.  I tried
 >> esipua but to no success. It doesn't work.  The code from
 >> yxa/src/unused do not work either.
 >> Is there the right way to do a SIP call using YXA code?  Can anybody
 >> give me some directions?
 FT> What do you mean by making a call? Calling one of the phones and playing
 FT> a sound file, or connecting phone A with phone B?

Yes, I mean playing sound, or softphone. SIP UAC.

 FT> I've done (successful) experiments with the latter - see
 FT> src/unused/refer.erl and, in the su.se/trunk branch,
 FT> src/local/su_bot_refer.erl.

 FT> Since you mention esipua I guess you mean playing sound
 FT> though. With that I can't help you.

Thank your for your answer.
It't a pity you can't help me.

Alexander Zhukov
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