On Thu, 2010-09-23 at 21:33 -0400, Vance Shipley wrote:
> This commit fixes the generation of release resource files with the
> appropriate installed library version numbers.
> http://github.com/vances/yxa/commit/8da65fe64d3b98464ec0c78cad77c8956d3824ea

It's friday afternoon and I'm probably just being stupid, but I don't
see what is broken?

On my current master branch (without your patch), I do

  $ cd build
  $ make distclean
  $ ../src/configure ...
  $ make

and I get

$ cat ../src/src/event/eventserver.rel-in
%% Erlang library versions inserted by 'configure'
{release, {"YXA eventserver", "YXA-eventserver-%VERSION%"},
 {erts, "@ERLANG_ERTS_VER@"},
  {ssl, "@ERLANG_LIB_VER_ssl@"},
  {asn1, "@ERLANG_LIB_VER_asn1@"},
  {mnesia, "@ERLANG_LIB_VER_mnesia@"},
  {yxa, "%VERSION%"},
  {eventserver, "%VERSION%", [yxa]}
$ cat ebin/eventserver.rel
%% Erlang library versions inserted by 'configure'
{release, {"YXA eventserver", "YXA-eventserver-1.0-current"},
 {erts, "5.7.4"},
  {ssl, "3.10.7"},
  {asn1, "1.6.12"},
  {mnesia, "4.4.12"},
  {yxa, "1.0-current"},
  {eventserver, "1.0-current", [yxa]}

So it seems for me, I get all the versions in the .rel file as it is
already? What am I missing?


PS. To be super-clear, this is using commit

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