Hi Fredrik,

Of course, below I describe one way this could happen, the yxa stack is used in 
the LRF node.

  UE                          E-CSCF                                            
                              LRF       PSAP
1 |--SIP INVITE TCP-->|                                                         
                            |              |
2 |                                     |--SIP INVITE TCP    -->                
                            |              |
3 |                                     |<-- SIP 300 Multiple Choices using 
TLS/TCP -- |              |
4 |                                     |--SIP INVITE 
5 |                                     |--200 OK 
6 |<--- 200 OK -----------|                                                     
                                |              |

1. UE calls 112
2. E-CSCF does not know which PSAP to forward to, so it asks LRF
3. The LRF knows where the UE is and knows that for this case a PSAP using SIPS 
is configured for that area, and also that a location should be provided.
     Because the PSAP is uing SIPS, the LRF has to use TLS/TCP for the response.
4. E-CSCF forwards SIP INVITE to PSAP
5. PSAP 200 OK to E-CSCF
6. E-CSCF 200 OK to UE

My problem here is at message #3, the response back to E-CSCF, I do not know 
how to make yxa use TCP/TLS instead of TCP, or even if it is allowed to change 
transport in this fashion.


On Sep 2, 2013, at 12:01 PM, Fredrik Thulin <fred...@thulin.net> wrote:

> On Mon, 2013-09-02 at 11:20 +0200, Johan Vikman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using the yxa stack to provide Geolocations over SIP.
>> I now have gotten a requirement that says that if the Geolocation ultimately 
>> will be sent to a contact using sips, I need to respond to the request using 
>> TLS/TCP, i.e. respons to a TCP  request using TLS/TCP.
>> The reason is amongst others to hide the location, if I understand the 
>> requirement correctly. 
>> Are there any support for this in the yxa stack?
> Sorry, I don't really follow your use case. Can you show how the
> geolocation querying using SIP works in an example request/response
> flow?
> YXA supports SIPS with TLS over TCP, but I don't really understand your
> question I'm afraid.
> /Fredrik

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