Hi Malthe et. al.,

The current release of z3c.pt does, e.g., this in its expression.py:

class PythonTranslation(ExpressionTranslation):
     def validate(self, string):
         """We use the ``parser`` module to determine if
         an expression is a valid python expression."""


     def translate(self, string):
         if isinstance(string, unicode):
             string = string.encode('utf-8')

         return types.value(string)

PythonTranslation = PythonTranslation()

Because we replace the classname with an instance, the ZCML "actions"  
that are generated when z3c.pt's onfigure.zcml is included cannot be  
pickled.  This isn't really much of a problem for z2/z3, because lots  
of its stuff can't be pickled, so it doesn't even try, but for bfg,  
I'd like to keep the actions pickleable so it can potentially start  
faster when there are lots of views.

Would anyone mind if I changed it to:

python_translation = PythonTranslation()

.. and made the according changes to imports and usages?

- C

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