Hello everyone,

While trying to get a new expression working with z3c.pt, it became
clear to me that I was missing something.
Getting the new expression to work wasn't that hard. I mean, by just
registering a new named utility, say, provider, and getting that
utility to validate and translate was easy ( I realized I didn't need
any new regex at all ).
But then I got stuck after that.

So, say you have something like this:

>>> from z3cpttest.expressions import ProviderTranslation
>>> output = ProviderTranslation().output
>>> output("provider:myprovider.Foo")
>>> output("structure provider:myprovider.Foo")

I *think* some other component should kick in in some other layer
( translation.py maybe? ).
Well, I'm saying that because at some point I am going to do something
pretty specific for zope3 ( like a IContentProvider adapter lookup ).
The bottom line is: What kind of "override" interface z3c.pt exposes
so that any other framework can be hooked up?
In my case I assume there is some more magic to come so I can do the
provider lookup some place else. Any idea where?

Best Regards,
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