Hi Malthe and all...

I found two niggly bugs in z3c.pt.

The first is that when you make an attribute assignment via the TAL parser ala:

  <a tal:attributes="href info.submit_url"/>

You'll wind up with an assignment declaration that's something like:

  href = fo.submit_url

This is due to this code in expressions.py:

            elif token.startswith('in'):
                i += 2

I'm not sure what this is checking for, but I ventured a guess at:

            elif token.startswith('in '):
                i += 3

Which indeed solves the issue.

The second is that this line in translation.py (~223):

                 variable = self.symbols.slot+element.node.fill_slot

Sometimes fails because element.node.fill_slot is None.  I have no idea why, but
I worked around it by adding the following code above that line:

                if element.node.fill_slot is None:
                    # XXX this should not be necessary, but the above
                    # xpath expression finds non-fill-slot nodes somehow

I'm not confident enough to check either fix in, because I don't understand what
the first is testing for, and I haven't had the time to backtrace the fill_slot
thing yet.

- C

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