2008/9/27 Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I'm not sure if this is a known problem, but if you do not have lxml
> installed chameleon.core breaks badly in several ways at the moment: a
> missing dependency on PDIS_XPath, missing TAL namespaces which is used
> for comments, and use of an unsupported XPath axis in pdis.xpath.

This is known by me, but it's not well documented; the story is that I
was quite surprised when I integrated PDIS.XPath and learned that it
did not support even very simple XPath-expressions.

I've contacted the authors, but they unfortunately do not have the
time to maintain it.

For the moment, the next-best solution would be to rip out the
XPath-usage inside the compiler (rewrite it to custom tree walking

Of course, for Genshi, where template designers will want to use
custom XPath expressions, we will need a library that does this.

It seems ElementTree 1.3 will have better XPath support. Last I
checked it was unreleased.


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