2008/10/26 Hanno Schlichting <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> In that case a simple (pseudo code):
> text = 'a'
> if isinstance(text, unicode):
>    _write(text)
> else:
>    _write(unicode(text))
> should be enough, shouldn't it? Feel free to experiment with using
> __unicode__ instead, but I have a feeling that checking for the
> attribute existence, checking if it is a callable and calling it, is
> more expensive.

Unfortunately, converting to ``unicode`` instead of ``str`` is very
expensive. This will probably change to some extent in Python 3.0.

Checking for a ``__unicode__`` attribute helps some, but it's still
about 15-20% slowdown on the admittedly not very realistic bigtable

I think we need to depart from this idea.

I did refactor the code generation logic to make it easier to test
these things quickly; it's now located in the ``generation`` module.


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