On 12/1/08 11:47 AM, seletz wrote:
> Hi,
> using plone trunk and the chameleon buildout, I found that Plone
> breaks when trying to add a new ``Page`` because of KUPU.
> I found that rendering the ``drawer.xsl`` breaks using chameleon,
> because they clash with chameleon's $-interpolation (they **do**
> use TAL in other places in this file, so it needs to be rendered by
> chameleon)::

Why does chameleon do $-expansion in zpt? That's a Genshi feature.

> I talked to malthe, and I'd like to implement a ``verbatim`` option,
> used like this::
>      <xsl:template match="resource|collection" mode="image-view"
> tal:verbatim="">
>         <xsl:variable name="p" select="preview"></xsl:variable>
>         <xsl:choose>
>            <xsl:when test="media='flash'">
>               <object src="{$p}" data="{$p}" type="application/x-
> shockwave-flash"
>                       width="100" height="100">
>                  <param name="movie" value="{$p}" />
>               </object>
>            </xsl:when>
> This would cause chameleon to output that node and it's children
> verbatim, not interpreting them.
> Any thoughts?


fixing an incompatibility by adding an extra option does not feel like 
the right approach. It's similar to how IE8 is adding a 'really follow 
standards' flag: evil.


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