Currently chameleon uses zope.i18n to do translation. zope.i18n is quite 
heavy and is much more complex than a lot of sites need, so I would like 
us to consider making zope.i18n optional.

 From what I can see chameleon only uses a few things from zope.i18n: 
translate, interpolate and Message. Message is only used to set some 
default values and easily be made optional. translate appears to be 
easily mappable to stock python gettext calls. That leaves interpolate, 
which is needed to handle i18n:name constructs in templates. interpolate 
is a small function that could easily be copied into chameleon, or 
possibly even be replaced with standard python string formatting with a 
bit more work.

Is this a path that would be interesting? I doubt people using pylons or 
other non-zope environments want to buy into the complexity that 
zope.i18n brings..


Wichert Akkerman<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>    It is simple to make things.                  It is hard to make things simple.

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