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Hello, Francois, & others,

There were some interesting points made there, and the perl-monks
discussion was well worth reading along with all the related links
(x-planes, wow!).

While cbrandtbuffalo does a good job of promoting why perl should be
used, or why it should not be left unused, brian d. foy (shades of e.e.
cummings) sidetracks to make his own point that the problems of code
are more often related to slack management practices which even if true
does not help perl.

I am sure that perl is being written right now, that daily it runs in a
million places, that all perl practitioners vow it is the greatest
thing since sliced bread, that job advert analysis show a healthy
demand for perl skills, etc.

But back to Kexi, new news looking at the things to come on the
scripting scene.

Across the KDE board the solution is to be

which allows plugins to be written to support whatever language you
want to write your scripts in. What have we at the present moment?
Python. Ruby. Javascript. Falcon.

here we have a major effort ..... whoa! Falcon? That's a new one, to me
at least.

here we have a major effort, Kexi and KDE, looking at scripting and
apparently no one is even aware of perl. From my narrow perspective I
thought perl was _the_ scripting language bar none, and here we have a
hotshot new language getting into a very public slot that we apparently
do not even know exists.

So the problem that I see may be one of advocacy. Do not the Perl
Foundation, the monks, mongers, & porters, have a way of looking at what
is happening and directing resources? I guess not, it would be up to
individual perlers to take the light where needed, come up with a grant
proposal to the Perl Foundation, or even just do it.

I am not really complaining, just disappointed and surprised that such
a very public thing seems to have slipped under the perl radar. I just
never imagined that in any major linux application (well, KOffice
thingys are hardly 'utilities') would feature scripting without perl at
the forefront. Obviously I was wrong.

I'd offer my services if I were capable <blushes> but will take Kexi
for what it is and concentrate on the catalyst angle when I get more
spare time.

Thanks for all the input.


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