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Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 05:11:12 +0300
From: Gabor Szabo <>
To: PM Groups <>
Subject: [pm_groups] Poll: What are the most important features of an
employer or a job opportunity for you?

Hi all,

Recently I talked to many people about an idea on how to improve
the communication between companies using Perl and the open source
Perl community. Many managers at companies told me the number
one problem they are facing with Perl is that they cannot find good Perl
developers. On the other hand many good Perl developers I know complain
that there are no good Perl jobs on the market.

What is the reason for this contradiction? Is this because the job
opportunities are in different locations than the developers? Is
this because there is a gap in the meaning of "good Perl developer"
and "good Perl job"?

In order to try to understand the problem I created a small poll
trying to figure out what are the expectations of a Perl developer
from an employer or a job opportunity.

In addition to this poll I am also preparing a white paper for
companies to help them understand how they can find more and better
Perl developers. If you are interested in it or you would like your
boss to read it, please let me know.

The poll can be found here:

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