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As per the recent discussion regarding Perl positions.

Please contact JP van Loggerenberg <> if you are
interested, and feel free to forward to interested parties.

Title:  Senior Linux Perl Administrator

We're looking for a highly skilled senior level individual with sound
experience in the areas mentioned below. He/She will be exposed to a
fast paced environment with little to no room for error where critical
decisions will often need to be made on the fly, and accurate input and
action to resolve various problems in a professional manner will be
essential. The successful candidate must be able to cope in stressful
situations and be able to handle conflict professionally. Be able to
rapidly adapt to various different aspects and requirements as and where
needed. Will often be in the frontline of decision making and play a
vital function and an important contribution to the team's success. Have
a high self esteem with a positive and a can do attitude. Be a problem
solver and solution provider, be able to initiate and follow through
with strict deadlines.

If you think you meet these requirements, and might want to consider
something new with great benefits and a package to match, please send me
your CV.

Potential package depends on additional skills set met over and above
the minimum requirements.

Minimum Skill set requirements

- 5+ years Linux and FreeBSD server environment experience
- In particular Linux RHEL and Ubuntu LTS, but not entirely necessary.

               - iptables, PF + ALTQ, IPFW + Dummynet
               - Squid Proxy with AD integration
               - Spamassasin
               - ClamAV, Kaspersky AV
               - Reverse proxies, ie Pound
               - Understand security risk and attack strategies.
               - ARP spoofing, man in the middle attacks etc.
               - Vulnerability assessment, protection, fix and manage.

               - mrtg, rrdtool, munin etc
               - Nagios

               - DNS, Bind/Named
               - Apache web servers
               - Exim and Postfix mail servers
               - Samba with AD integration
               - NFS
               - PostgreSQL and MySQL, with the emphasis on PostgreSQL
                - This includes optimization and administration

  TCP/IP Networking and security
               - Static and Dynamic routing protocols
               - Fail over, load balancing an clustering protocols
               - Traffic shaping, QoS
               - VPN, Compression tunnels

  Best practice experience in
               - System hardening
               - System and Network level defence strategies
               - System performance optimization
               - Standardization practices

- Sound Perl programming/scripting experience
- Sound experience in TCP/IP networking.

Additional (bonus) skills requirements

- PHP and Joomla web development and maintenance experience
- Programming in C
- Network Communications potocol X25
- Serial Communications experience

Jason Armstrong
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