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Hello, Edoardo,

Thanks for the reply. The account has been re-activated according to

>- I submitted a DNS request for you (pulling back to our
>  server)
>- I updated our WebDAV control file per the FAQ below  

I went through the bitcard process and have a new password but things
are not changed. thus:

anothera...@pandora:~$ cadaver
WARNING: Untrusted server certificate presented for `':
Issued to: Group Hosting Services, Perl Mongers, Los Angeles,
California, US 
Issued by: Certificate Authority, Develooper, Los Angeles, CA, US
Certificate is valid from Thu, 07 Dec 2006 11:24:49 GMT to Tue, 06 Dec
2011 11:24:49 GMT 
Do you wish to accept the certificate?
(y/n) y 
Authentication required for on server
Username: anotheranne
Could not open collection:
403 Forbidden
dav:/groups/ ls
The `ls' command can only be used when connected to the server.
Try running `open' first (see `help open' for more details).
dav:/groups/ help open
 `open URL'   Open connection to given URL
dav:/groups/ open
Could not access / (not WebDAV-enabled?):
405 Method Not Allowed
Connection to `' closed.


thus not sure where to go next. Maybe are incorrect.
Since the za-pm site is visible, it must have been done?

What do you think, I want to be certain of my facts before I go back to  -- don't want to look a bigger fool than I am  ;)


(I see you did copy the list)

On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:16:20 +0200
Edoardo Sabadelli <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 10:16 PM, Anne Wainwright
> <> wrote:
> > Now I had also promised pm_groups that I would get our web site up
> > to date. Time for action. Our website.
> >
> >
> \o/
> > First I have to deal with Bitcard.
> > I have a Bitcard account with username and password.
> > Today I added the URL as a site to this.
> > I now have a Site Token & a API secret, both humungous random
> > strings
> I'm not sure this is relevant for the WebDAV problem, but AFAIK is
> required for changing the account information, reset the password,
> etc...
> > Before this, back in April, I had recorded from somewhere a WebDav
> > user name and password which must have come from somewhere, but not
> > in any email that I find.
> It was probably here:, after loggin in
> via Bitcard.
> >
> >
> > is not particularly clear to me in my present state of knowledge.
> >
> > I downloaded and installed cadaver to connect, but cannot get it to
> > connect to the site using that name and password. Whether the
> > problem is to do with said name and password per se, or with
> > getting the right command line, I cannot say.
> I would suggest to try to recover the password and see what happens.
> It might be that unused accounts are disabled or something like that.
> The URL seems working, as it asks me
> the username/password for authentication when trying to connect via
> WebDAV.
> What kind of error/message is returned when trying to authenticate?
> > [I assumed that if I got connected I could 'get' the files and see
> > what was there, which is the whole point of the current exercise.]
> Yes.
> > But no luck. If anyone has the knowledge to baby-step me through
> > this process I'd appreciate some help. I don't understand what is
> > the relationship with these different things.
> I don't have any direct experience with Bitcard,, and the
> PM groups, but by reading the FAQ you linked and some other stuff on
> and Bitcard, what I understand is that Bitcard is simply
> a single sign-on system for different sites under, while
> WebDAV is only a meaning of accessing the group site's static files
> hosted on
> So, in conclusion, it might only be a problem with the credentials
> used in WebDAV, or the account/access has been deactivated... or some
> other more intricated problem ;)
> > Otherwise I will have to ask for assistance from pm_groups and I
> > would rather not do that - better to cope ourselves I feel.
> It might be that the account has been inactivated, see:
> HTH,
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