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Sorry for asking here, I know it's a bit OT as this does not have
directly to do with Perl.

I'm italian, living in Norway with my south african fiance, and I'm
thinking of setting up Asterisk so that her parents can easily call
through their home phone, without spending too much for calling an
overseas mobile number.
Before you ask, of course we use Skype, but it's not always a viable
and easy option, especially with people with little confidence with
computers and programs ;)

I'm researching on VOIP providers in South Africa, in particular for
getting a (possibly free) DID (Direct Inward Dialing) south african

I'm not sure if the phone companies that provide analog phone service,
also provide VOIP options, and how it can work in that case.

Does anyone have any suggestion on where I can look?
Even better, does anyone have a free DID through some VOIP provider?

I know in Italy there's this possibility, a free DID number, where you
pay only for making calls and not for receiving them.

Thanks in advance,

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