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(Edoardo, how are you doing with Mojolicious. I had a quick look at the
site today only, but I could find nothing on Dancer).

Is there anyone out there working throught the Diment & Trout
DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CATALYST book? My query comes from there but is a
query in principle.

If I have a working .pl file (LolCatalyst/Lite/ and can
succesfully run tests on my app to date thus : $ prove -lv t/ , then ...

If I take a subroutine from the working .pl file and place it in
another .pm file (LolCatalyst/Lite/Translator/ in a lower
level dedicated directory, and then add in to the initial .pl file a
'use' thus:

use LolCatalyst::Lite::Translator::LOLCAT;

should the tests still run. ie. should the use line refer the subroutine
request to the original .pm file down to the new one if the sub is no
longer in the original .pm file?

we are having trouble here!

thanks in advance

On Mon, 6 Dec 2010 16:48:22 +0100
Edoardo Sabadelli <> wrote:

> Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list.
> On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 6:39 PM, Anne Wainwright
> <> wrote:
> > Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list.
> >
> >
> > Hello, Ewald,
> >
> > Welcome!
> >
> > I have not got far, but am slowly building  web app using Catalyst
> > which is the Perl answer to all other patent web production
> > systems. I am looking for some quality time over the Xmas recess
> > here to move forward a bit faster.
> I suggest to have a look also at the alternatives to Catalyst, like
> Dancer and Mojolicious.
> For small applications they are very interesting: easier to use and
> much more lightweight than Catalyst, from which they borrow a lot of
> concepts.
> I'm currently trying out Mojolicious for the rewrite of my personal
> site and I like it.
> Ciao!
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