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On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 1:32 PM, Anne Wainwright
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> Hi,
> I was looking at Perl IDEs. Not much around, but I found Padre on cpan.
> No 'star rating', no reviews, what gives? Do we all use vim and the
> perl debugger?

Back in October 2009 I ran a poll about editors/IDEs used for Perl development:

The vi family is leading by a huge margin.

Then the TPF survey
showed similar results

Padre came out with 2-4% usage which is pretty good given how young
the project is
and the fact that vi and emacs users are not likely to switch[1]. (but
they do steal features
which makes us, Padre developers very proud)

I keep giving talks about Padre - the next one I give in Brussels at FOSDEM
explaining the philosophy behind it. There are various versions of my talk

For the members of this list, probably the most interesting thing is that Padre
is written in Perl 5 so *you* can fix it and improve it. The Padre
developers are
also fun to work with so if you are looking for a project to get involved, we'd
be happy to see you there.

[1] There are a few exceptions.

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