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A couple of notes & queries.

I had for some unknown reason been using '$ sudo cpan', except that
certain things would not install without the 'sudo'

I had no idea why, but want someone to baby-step me here and say,
"That's right, no sudo"

Some modules had thus been installed under my .cpan with root ownership.
I did a recursive chown to get everything there under my own ownership.
Not that this cured my problems. 

While checking out the version of various modules I noted:

cpan> upgrade make::up::any::old::module::name
All modules are up to date for any::old::module::name

ie. if you make a mistake in the module name you want to update it will
tell you that it is uptodate! Can't be right, can it?

I also noted that following an upgrade (of a correctly named module)
that the version reported by

cpan> i my::correct::module::name

was not the latest version as reported to be on cpan itself. I didn't
see any indication of a problem on the upgrades (except one module
only) on a whole batch. Why might this be? I am stuck with earlier
versions than cpan - which might be the source of my problems.

thanks in advance for any comments
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