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I am forwarding this message from Gabor Szabo which was posted on the
pm_groups mailimg list a while ago.

I have done my own google search of 'perl tutorials' and my results from
home here in South Africa show the following:


I am making no comment on any of the above.

In sympathy with his aims I am updating the za-pm website to make a
section for preferred perl tutorial material.

I would like your input on this.  Are there other sites that we should
recommend, do we agree with the list as proposed?

Before I cast the html code in stone, what do you think?


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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 20:06:18 +0200
From: Gabor Szabo <>
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Subject: [pm_groups] Perl tutorials, perl news and the Perl Monger groups

Hi everyone,

I am frustrated so I'd like to ask for your help.

I just checked "perl tutorial" on Google and most of the top
hits are still the old and outdated ones. More frustrating to me,
is that mine is still somewhere between 8-12 depending
who searches.

I also checked "perl news" and Google put
as the number one hit.
That site has been frozen for several years now.

So I'd like to ask your help to promote the good Perl tutorials
and perl news sites by linking to them from your Perl Monger
web site.

Perl Tutorials
For the Perl tutorials Christian Walde (Mithaldu) created a web site trying to categorize the tutorials.
A few examples for links:

A collection of good <a href="";>Perl tutorials</a>.

<a href="";>Perl tutorials</a>
<a href="";>Modern Perl Book</a>
<a href="";>Perl Tutorial</a> by Gabor Szabo

Perl news
For the new sites I think one or more of these would be good:

<a href="";>Perl news</a>
<a href="";>Perlsphere Aggregated Perl news</a>
<a href="";>Ironman Aggregated Perl news</a>
<a href="";>Perl Buzz, news collection</a>
<a href="";>Perl Weekly news</a>

Some background if you are interested:

at the end of October there was surge of discussion about the fact that
the top hits on Google when searching for "perl tutorial" bring mostly
outdated materials.

See the links:

The Keyword tool of Google tells me the following search volumes:

perl tutorial   74,000
learn perl 14,800
learning perl 9,900
perl book 18,100
perl 7,480,000

regards and thank you for your help.
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