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I was asked late last year whether there was a need for Perl Training in
South Africa.

At the time I was unable to give any answer but the question has not
gone away.

The obstacle to a definitive answer revolves around how many members of
za-pm (plus other non-member perl practitioners) are actually resident
here. Do we have enough support for something of this sort, both
individual and corporate? Are there enough people using perl in South
Africa to warrant bringing training here? Maybe we export people to
commercial training programmes overseas. What gives?

I know from other involvements that South Africa is not always fertile
ground for this sort of thing. We have large distances and sparse
population in all but a few major centres. While we are small we are not
that small but neither are we that big. We are part of the big world
now, maybe we should make ourselves some opportunities to catch up here.

As well as any individual comments on the need or feasability of
something like this I would like to quantify the demographics of
the za-pm membership. So ...

Would each of you email me direct with your current working
location? All information regarded as confidential of course.


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