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I am using the Text::Format module. It works well but I cannot get any
mileage out of one feature. I'll append the section from the pod file

The module will take text input from whererever and format it in various
ways designed to suit any conceivable need.

This option is in this case is to  prevent breaking of a line of text at a
sensitive point.

In my case i dont want to break "isbn 123456789" leaving "isbn" at the
end of the line and "123456789" at the start of the next.
noBreakRegex \%HASH || NOTHING
           Pass in a reference to your hash that would hold the regexes
           which not to break.  Without any arguments, it returns the

               {'^Mrs?\.$' => '^\S+$','^\S+$' => '^(?:S|J)r\.$'}

           don't break names such as Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Jones Jr.

this isn't really a regex query, but just to note that the above seems a
little weird with "Mrs" sandwiched between both start of line and finish
of line anchoris. Still I can make my regex to suit if that is what is

So I have the following to get my regex into a hash:

    my  %regx = ('^isbn$'=>'^[0-9]{9,13}X?$');  # my regex
    $text->noBreakRegex(\%regx);  # this sets the option

Well we compile, but I have isbn breaks all over. All reasonable and
many unreasonable changes have no effect except to break the script.

Any ideas welcome, please.


PS. I am using the Padre IDE now.
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