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Hi Anne (and all),

On Wed, 5 Sep 2012 19:59:52 +0200
Anne Wainwright <> wrote:

> Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list.

And I indeed wish to reply to the list.

> Hi,
> Having been in contact with Shlomi Fish over this weekend, having
> added his tutorial pages to our web site, he has for some reason
> subscribed himself to our zapm list.

My reason is that I've subscribed to many other Perl mongers mailing lists
around the world (at least those who hold their communication in languages
I understand, namely English and Hebrew), and don't mind an extra one (having
good filters for sorting out messages from such lists into filters.).

Anyway, I was in contact with Anne regarding the Text::Format issue, and
communicating with her has highlighted a problem with the documentation (if
not the semantics of the code itself), and to this I am grateful. Following
the good advice on 
(a recommended read), I have since improved the documentation and uploaded
a new version.

> I don't know that we can offer him much, 

Well, I may enjoy the discussions here and may enjoy helping people with their
problems, that I have enough tuits to help with. 

> but he may have lots to offer
> to us based upon what I see on his website. I'll say that again, this
> time based upon his willingness to help a p^4 in distress (pretty poor
> perl programmer).
> is worth a visit.

Thanks for the recommendation. You may also find
interesting and useful, and I also maintain some other sites and blogs,
and there are links to them from the central site.

Stay cool!


        Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish
"Humanity" - Parody of Modern Life -

I hope that you agree with me that 99.9218485921% of the users wouldn’t bother
themselves with recompilation (or any other manual step for that matter) to
make their games run 1.27127529900685765% faster ;-) — Nadav Har’El

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