In The Name of the Lord of all that which is verdant 

Phototropic Spirituality, 75:22-23  Why some faces
coming out of the graves become verdant!  Yauma'Izin is a
Qur'anic oft-repeated standing phrase translated as That Day/Time but
indeed is a concept of `when' in the past tense. Most translations
indicate the future tense which is incorrect  In-definitive
usage of the words Wujuh (Faces) referred to by the pronoun `her',
rendering the purpose of the creation of the female attributes and
essence  We are all
falcons being domesticated for the hand of the King of all kings  New approach to
the Sufi's concept of Ittihad, in light of the verses 75:22-23, away
from the centuries of "pro & against" Mua'tazili arguments plaguing
the Arab mind  Grammatical
indication of the Ta'ayyun (Contrast) of the `Faces' and the
consequent focusing of the Yaum'Izin (That Day) as the subsequent focus  Prophetic
narration explaining the way the `Faces' glances at Allah  Those
faces blooming in this lifeĀ…

--DARA The Eyeless Lion  

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