Dulu sebelum Islam berjaya di Tanah Arab, kaum perempuan ada yang jadi 
konglomerat, ada yang jadi Ratu, dan bahkan ikut berperang dengan menunggang 
onta serta kuda.

Kok kini mereka malah tidak diperbolehkan menyetir mobil dan larangan-larangan 
lain yang mengekang kaum wanita Arab?



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        Saturday 26 July 2008 (22 Rajab 1429

              The good Saudi woman and the car 
              Jaheerah Bint Abdullah Al-Masaad | Al-Watan -

              A young Saudi girl drove her brother's car and was caught in the 
act. Notice, I have not made any reference to a "crime." Necessary action was 
taken against her. What was the necessary action in this case? This involved 
interrogating the "wrongdoer." 

              Notice again I have not made any reference to a "criminal." Her 
guardian was summoned and was made to pledge that she would not repeat this 
"act." She was set free and went home.

              This news item, which was recently published in some newspapers, 
was not the first of its kind. Similar news items have been published, 
indicating there is an increase in the number of cases of women driving cars. 
So this story will not be the last.

              The issue of women driving is not the most important issue in 
Saudi society, nor is it Saudi women's only cause, but it was brought to the 
forefront by the way it has been projected in the press.

              In an interview published in one of the local dailies, the 
official in charge of traffic regulations said the police are only authorized 
to detain women drivers and prevent them from driving. 

              He added that the traffic police are not tasked with permitting 
or legalizing women driving, and that it is neither an executive organ nor a 
legislative entity.

              His last sentence is right. However, the notion that the issue of 
women driving in Saudi Arabia is a social issue puts the traffic police in an 
unenviable position. How can a woman driving her guardian be arrested and then 
the same guardian, who is supposed to prevent her from doing so, be summoned to 
bail her out?

              Therefore, I hope the new traffic system will be keen to gain 
people's respect and be transparent in dealing with the public. It would be 
appreciated if a traffic police spokesman would take the initiative to clarify 
such incidents instead of leaving it to newspapers to publish them with all the 
journalistic sensationalism and suspense.

              It would also be appreciated if the traffic police would follow 
the steps of the Interior Ministry, which issues press statements through its 
official spokesman on all cases and issues.

              It would be good for the Traffic Department to deal with the 
public as a partner who understands and appreciates and not just as a news 

              Women who are enthusiastic to drive should at the present moment 
observe the general interest rather than give in to the joy of driving. The 
repeated attempts, which have all failed, would not bring any good. Rather, 
they are just like pebbles thrown in a pond that create ripples and fade. They 
may do more harm than good. It is prudent not to lose your case if you cannot 
defend it. Do not bang your head against the wall, but rather search for a safe 
passage, even if it takes longer.

              There is a big difference between courage and recklessness. There 
is also a big difference between boldness and imprudence. There is no doubt a 
huge difference between citizenship and bargaining. We pray to Almighty Allah 
to be good citizens


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