In the Name of the One who gave all things their speech 

Al-Khitab (Address Mode) & Al-Iltifat (Modal Switch)  

Based upon the seminal work of Grand Sage Jalaled-Din Suyuti the
Addressing expressions of Qur'an are explored for the purpose of the
English reader to develop a `feel' for the Prophetic Language, without
the need to become a scholar of Arabic. 

The addressing modes of Qur'an are often switched, from one to the
other, and the purpose behind such modal-switches are explored via the
language of the `difference method' of Alrfred North Whitehead in
Process & Reality and extended by the Sufism's terminology of Ta'ayyun

The purpose of the metaphysics is not to declare or determine a final
truth, for all truths reside with Al-Haqq (The Absolute Truth, Allah)
and none with any servants, the true purpose is to develop a LANGUAGE
to describe as wide as possible and as general as possible the
terminologies of Qur'anic addressing.  

Peculiar `handedness' is discovered within the address-switches of
Qur'an which indicates a sort of symmetry-breakage that resembles the
Homochirality of the organic molecules within the living organisms, as
Homochirality indicates the symmetry-breakage to support life, the
handedness of the Qur'anic modal-switches are there to support
spiritual life!

--DARA The Eyeless Lion  

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