Friends, berikut adalah e-mail conversation antara Daisy dan saya. Daisy is a 
Malaysian icon in our mailing list, living and working in Kuala 
Lumpur, Malaysia, but has her eyes keen on observing the WEIRD behavior of all 
of us di Milis SI. Y'know what ? I LOVE Daisy's use of Malaysian language 
sprinkled with English when conversing with me and, I believe, she does the 
same with mine. Here is the conversation:
D = Daisy
L = Leo
D = Dear Mas yang lagi brahmacharya, .. For some reason, saya baru saja terbaca 
tentang cinta monyet anda itu (I don't know how you cope with so many messages 
coming in) <>. 
Lalu saya ingin bertanya, mengapa disebut sebagai 'cinta monyet' ?  (saya tu 
mungkin ketinggalan kerana tidak membaca yang popular, dan tidak nonton TV 
popular kerana, semuanya cape deh). Saya amat setuju dengan Mbak Omie, mengapa 
dijeling2 aja, mengapa tidak dinyatakan cintanya itu terus? Kan lebih mudah 
begitu? Tentang dia satu generasi lebih muda, itu sekali-kali bukan halangan 
(age is just a number, you  know), bukankah Mas sendiri selalu katakan kalau 
kedua-duanya sudah suka, maka ok2 aja?
L = Cinta Monyet is "Puppy Love" in English. When we have a CRUSH toward 
somebody yang gimana gituh, then we say that we have a "Cinta Monyet". Mengapa 
disebut begitu saya sendiri tidak tahu, it has always been called "Cinta 
Monyet" as far back as I can remember. Monyet is cute, and when the monyet 
loves us, he or she would jump and shriek and run in circles, nguik nguik 
nguik... And that's EXACTLY what we do when we have a crush toward somebody... 
Mengapa tidak dinyatakan saja sama orangnya ? Well,... actually I DID, tetapi 
the monyet apparently is having something to do with Malaysia at this moment. 
The banana appeared to have been dangling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which 
MIGHT have been grown by somebody in your own neighborhood. .. So, there's NO 
question of suka sama suka. It's only one person having a crush toward another 
person who ALSO has another crush toward another different person who happens 
to be living across the Malay Strait while the
 MONKEY and me live here in Jakarta, Indonesia... That's the challenge for us 
all, making a sort of Bermuda Triangle out of nothing which, fortunately, has 
NOT been harming anybody else, not even one or all the three of us who weave 
this kind of imaginary fantasies which MIGHT not even be visible by any of the 
three no matter how spiritual he or she is.
D = I have another dream to ask of you, o wise one, in the dream I was looking 
for someone in a crowd, he was a good friend of mine in  Seoul, he's Russian, I 
called out his name and he came forward, I gave him a good hug because I missed 
him (in the dream), but then, suddenly he appeared as someone else, I don't 
understand that. My dreaming mind is fickle, one second like this, another 
second like that? 
L = Fidelity does NOT count in dreams,.. Dreams always work like that, images 
coming and going without obvious reason though they MIGHT have been very 
obvious should we dig deeper into our psyche. Ngomong2 soal Russian, I DID 
catch a glimpse about Russia last night. The dream had a scenario running, I 
was involved in it till the end, yet the one memory sticking in my mind was 
just one word "Dimitri". The word "Dimitri" was ringing in my mind since before 
I woke up and hours after that. It still stucks in my mind now. At first I was 
NOT aware what the word "Dimitri" meant. Then I realized that it was a Russian 
name. Dimitri ? Dimitri ? Is your friends' name Dimitri ? ... Well, since the 
dream is mine, possibly it meant that I HAVE to go to Russia and fall in love 
with a monkey named "Dimitri" who COULD be proven later to be a better monkey 
than the one in Jakarta. Who knows ? Who knows ?
D = On another note, saya setuju sekali tentang sensitivity training itu 
<http://groups. group/Spiritual-Indonesia/message/22244>, dan 
hakikat bahwa kita mempunyai pilihan sekiranya kita kenal perasaan sendiri, 
kerana bukan mudah juga untuk ditentukan diri kita itu sensitive atau tidak, 
contohnya.. You realize that you're the only who seem to welcome me... I was 
afraid of that but to be sensitive or not is a choice, and I choose to be 
unsensitive and pragmatic in this case (otherwise it is silly) perhaps it is 
not hard to do sebab saya memang orang yang tidak sensitive. Can I share a 
silly episode in my life? It was my 18th birthday party, and I was dancing with 
everybody boys and girls. Yang satu itu datang dengan `kado'nya sekuntum bunga 
dengan satu pita nyanyi (kemudian saya lihat judulnya `Are you lonesome 
tonight'... old fashion ya) dia duduk bersendiri beberapa lama sehingga teman 
perempuan saya beritau, eh you don't realize he's waiting
 to dance with you? Oh ya ke, sorry: one minute ya. Gitu, tapi dia lansung 
merajuk dan pergi, so I thought well, kalau nak pergi, pergilah, namun I felt 
quite bad after that. Anyhow, kalau terlalu sensitive itu berarti we take 
ourselves too seriously, and I'm sure most sages and masters will say that's 
the root of most of our problems (about 99.9%) betul tidak?
L= Betul sekali, Daisy. Sensitiveness is a SILLY trait among us Malay people. 
Indonesians are MOSTLY Malay, and many of us have realized that it is NOT that 
useful anymore in this age of Metrosexuality and Metrospirituality. Being a 
Metrosexual means that we CAN enjoy ourselves, and that's the only sensitivity 
that we need to survive. Otherwise, the cultural trait which MIGHT have 
been distinctly Malay such as THAT kind of sensitivity could overwhelm us and 
bring us down the gutter like what I have seen with my own eyes happening to 
MANY of my friends and clients. So, we actually do NOT need more sensitivity, 
what we need more is insensitivity. So, we ought to desensitize ourselves more 
and more which means taking quite a proper DISTANCE between us as metrosexual 
and metrospiritual persons AND the so-called our cultural upbringings which 
have trained us to be TOO sensitive. Kalau harus di-desensitize, ya 
di-desensitize lah. So what gitu lho !
D = As usual, I wish you a happy weekend, though this is a bit early (still 
it's Friday night over here) semoga anda berada dengan si dia.
L = Thanks, Daisy. Have a nice weekend too. Si "dia" tidak pernah berada 
bersama saya secara fisik, walaupun ada di Facebook dan di Milis SI juga. Kalau 
si "dia" with a big "D" memang selalu berada bersama saya, dan itu COULD be 
"Dia" who is up high in the sky or you (Oops !). 

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