Umat Islam Diperingatkan Jangan Berdekatan Dengan Orang Cina !!!
Semua umat Islam diperingatkan agar jangan berdekatan dengan orang
Cina, jangan satu bus dengan orang Cina, peringatan ini disebarkan
kesemua mesjid2 di Cina dengan bahasa Uighur karena para terorist
Jihad Islam sudah siap melakukan pembomban2 massal.

Seratus ribu pasukan tentara reguler dan komando disiapkan ber-jaga2
dikota Bejing.

Terorist Jihad Islam di Cina sudah menyusup ke Bejing dari Turki untuk
aksi membantai orang2 Cina ini menurut Intel Cina yang beritanya bisa
anda semua baca dengan lengkap dibawah ini.

Chinese authorities have also warned that "terrorists" from home and
abroad pose a massive threat to the event.

This swung into focus late Thursday when a Muslim separatist group in
China made a new video threat, in which a masked, turbaned speaker
warned Muslims to keep their children away from the Games.

The nearly six-minute recording, released by the Washington-based
IntelCenter, which monitors extremists, attributed it to the Turkistan
Islamic Party (TIP), an ethnic Uighur and Muslim organization seeking
to create an independent state out of China's heavily Muslim Xinjiang

The SITE Intelligence Group, meanwhile, translated some of the
message, which was delivered in the language of the Uighurs, and said
that the speaker identified himself as a TIP member and issued a
threat against the Games.

The speaker urges Muslims to keep their children from the competition,
and warns "Do not stay on the same bus, on the same train, on the same
plane, in the same buildings, or any place the Chinese are," SITE said.

In July, the IntelCenter said the TIP had taken credit in another
video statement for a deadly bus bombing in Shanghai in May and warned
of new attacks in China during the Olympics.

More than 100,000 security personnel are patrolling Beijing,
anti-missile barriers have been set up near the "Bird's Nest" Olympic
stadium, and the military and police are on guard around the country.

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